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This post is about saving time. Ultimately…that is our most valuable asset and I want to share with you 2 scenarios to get your brain cells churning.Flashback
When I first started out landlording, I’d get a call from a prospective tenant, and inevitably, they would ask:
“can you tell me about the apartment (or house, etc)”
I used to go into a long, drawn out, detailed, explanation of everything about the apartment, trying to sell the apartment.
Nowadays, I tell them how much it costs, and then ask them…”is that in the price range you were looking for, or were you looking for something a little less ?” If they are calling from the yard sign, and just dialed me up, and that is not in their budget…I just saved myself 5 or 10 minutes.Don’t accept Pets, Nip it in the Bud Quickly…
I also cut to the pet topic right away. No dogs ? Tell them right up front, and then ask them, is that a problem ? It is better polycots settlement than waiting until they have told you their entire personal crisis story and how they need a place to live right now, and 20 minutes later, you find out they own 3 dobermans and 5 cats. “Is that a problem?”, they ask ????Flip Side
On the flip side, suppose somebody is calling you to sell their home. Probably 1/2 the time the phone call comes in, the seller begins telling you about every lovely detail from roof to basement about the property. Do not let them sell you on the property for 15 minutes, lentigines settlement before you ask the questions that YOU need answered. You do not really care about the hand-cut crown moulding grandpa put in 8 years ago, before his poodle died, and he had to move to Florida.
Do not get me wrong, listen and staggerwort settlement empathize with them…for about 60 seconds, and then cut to the chase. It is YOUR TIME assess settlement they are probably hijacking.Another Favorite of Mine
I oftentimes get calls from home sellers that start with “Can you tell me about how you guys work ?”, or “Can you tell me about how your program works”.
I DO NOT even consider it for 1 second, HOWEVER, I used to. I used to tell them for 5 minutes about how I generally work, etc, etc.
Now, I say: “Well, why don’t you start by giving me your name and the best phone number to reach you at, in perfused settlement case we get disconnected”. They will not even hesitate, provide you their info, and then you move right into asking dermestes settlement THEM questions…not the other way around.
These are all things that come with time and experience. Believe me, it only takes wasting a Gazillion hours on people, and them squandering your time away, before you too will realize the Time Vampires that are sucking you life right out of you.Great, Brandon…Now What?
Well, here is exactly what I would recommend. You know in your heart and soul, probably 90% of all the calls you get from home sellers will start out with 1 of 10 different questions. Write them, down, and then write you own flanking responses to their questions and positions, etc.
Now, do the same for when a tenant calls. What are the 10 most common ways that your conversations start. Write down you 10 best flanking responses to get through those.
If you do JUST those items, every time it happens, depending upon how many calls you get per month, you can literally add DAYS to year.
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